Gold Leaf


Although we are still in the middle of summer, I cannot help but to daydream about the upcoming fall wedding season and all the beautiful new colors and trends we will be seeing!

This fall it is all about jewel tones and arrays of gold!! Think shades of cranberry, navy, emerald green, mixed with hints of blush and gold or rose gold. The hottest trend right now is the gold the leaf look. As much as I love the gold trend, it can sometimes be tricky to add it in the right ways. Too much can look gaudy but just the right touch can bring an element of elegance and whimsy to any event.

What is the best way to carry gold into your your wedding palette?  Spray paint, spay paint, spray paint! Spray painted votive holders, spray painted floral containers, even spray painted greenery. Speak to your florist or wedding planner about the possibility of using spray paint to bring that elegant touch of gold in just the right places.

If you are a do it yourself kind of gal here are some tips  on how to spray paint votive holders.

1. On a piece of cardboard trace a circle using the opening of the votive holder you wish to paint.

2. With a craft knife cut out the circle and use the remaining cardboard as a template to shield the outside of the votive while you are spraying the inside of it.

3. Hold the shield up to the opening of the votive holder and tape the outside of the votive to the template.

4. Now spray paint the inside of the candle holder with your choice of gold spray paint. Do this in quick bursts  and rotate the votive often to to ensure even distribution.

5. Once the inside of votive is completely covered, let the paint dry for one minute and then apply again until you have reached your desired sheen.


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