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Holiday Party Planning Made Simple


Anyone who wants to invite family and friends into their home for a festive holiday party can celebrate the season with good food and great conversation. With holiday party planning, there are several different things you can plan to host a great event. To ensure that the gathering is a hit and will be remembered for several years to come, there are a number of steps to take by following a few party planning tips.

Create a Hot Cocoa Bar
A fun element that will grab the attention of your guests is to have a hot cocoa bar available at your home or venue where your party is hosted. This should include serving different types of hot chocolate and various toppings with marshmallows, peppermint sticks, and whipped cream.

Keep the Music Playing
One of the main tips you’ll find on a party planning site when looking for ideas is to set the mood of your event by playing music during the party and by making a space where guests can dance. You can even appoint a family or friend to be the DJ to ensure that Christmas songs are played continuously, which will allow your guests to relax or sing along.

Make Time for Games
Although your guests will enjoy dining over holiday treats and having conversation with one another, you’ll want to keep the night entertaining by hosting a few games that can be played. Set aside time for pin the tail on Rudolph and holiday charades. This will make for a great ice breaker and can allow people to get to know one another over a few laughs.

Host a White Elephant Gift Exchange
A white elephant gift exchange will make for a fun part of the night when your guests bring a funny gag gift to exchange with one another. Although they may have to go home with a pack of toilet paper or a used DVD, it’ll make for a fun gift exchange that everyone can participate in.

Hang Festive Decorations

You’ll want to set the theme of the party with your decor, making it important to use natural decorations that look beautiful. Opt for hanging real garland on the fireplace mantle and adding a touch of mistletoe to the front door. Use large bows to decorate doorways while lighting candles near the entryway. You can also place a large Christmas tree near the food, which will work as one of the main focal points of the party.

Happy Holidays!

Gold Leaf


Although we are still in the middle of summer, I cannot help but to daydream about the upcoming fall wedding season and all the beautiful new colors and trends we will be seeing!

This fall it is all about jewel tones and arrays of gold!! Think shades of cranberry, navy, emerald green, mixed with hints of blush and gold or rose gold. The hottest trend right now is the gold the leaf look. As much as I love the gold trend, it can sometimes be tricky to add it in the right ways. Too much can look gaudy but just the right touch can bring an element of elegance and whimsy to any event.

What is the best way to carry gold into your your wedding palette?  Spray paint, spay paint, spray paint! Spray painted votive holders, spray painted floral containers, even spray painted greenery. Speak to your florist or wedding planner about the possibility of using spray paint to bring that elegant touch of gold in just the right places.

If you are a do it yourself kind of gal here are some tips  on how to spray paint votive holders.

1. On a piece of cardboard trace a circle using the opening of the votive holder you wish to paint.

2. With a craft knife cut out the circle and use the remaining cardboard as a template to shield the outside of the votive while you are spraying the inside of it.

3. Hold the shield up to the opening of the votive holder and tape the outside of the votive to the template.

4. Now spray paint the inside of the candle holder with your choice of gold spray paint. Do this in quick bursts  and rotate the votive often to to ensure even distribution.

5. Once the inside of votive is completely covered, let the paint dry for one minute and then apply again until you have reached your desired sheen.


How To Look Effortlessly Pretty On Your Wedding Day

makeup ideas to look effortlessly pretty on your wedding day

Looking perfect on your big day is one of the biggest goals any bride-to-be strives to achieve. With so many new hair and makeup trends coming out, it can be difficult to decide on a single look to wear on your wedding day. One of the best pieces of advice about bridal hair and makeup is that it’s always best to go with timeless classics. The minimalist look is always a great look to go for if you want something that will always look good, be it on your wedding day or in the coming years when you look back at the photos. Here are some tips on how to look effortlessly pretty on your wedding day:

Bridal Makeup Ideas for an effortlessly pretty look on your big day

PICK YOUR MATCH – Picking out a foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly is vital if you want to achieve a gorgeous bridal look on your wedding day. Ask for the help of a friend who is knowledgeable about makeup or get the help of store assistants if you don’t know where to start. Mix foundation shades if you must. Starting off with a great canvass that is your face is key to achieving a stunning minimalist look.

Bridal Makeup Ideas for an effortlessly pretty look on your wedding day.

ONE PART NEUTRAL, ONE PART BOLD – Just because you’re doing a minimalist look doesn’t mean you have to stick with a plain, dull and boring look. There are two main things to focus on when doing any kind of makeup and that is the eyes and the lips. Choose which one you would like to do in neutral and then make the other one bold. A neutral eye makeup look, for example, can be paired up with a really bold lip and vice versa.

Bridal Makeup Ideas for an effortlessly pretty look on your wedding day.

AVOID EXCESSIVE USE OF BRIGHT AND LOUD COLORS – Having a hint or a pop of one bright / loud color throughout your look is fine but making it the dominant hue is not. Make sure to avoid using too many bright colors for your bridal look and opt for soft and subtle shades.

Bridal Makeup Ideas for an effortlessly pretty look on your wedding day.

GO FOR THE DEWY LOOK – How do you pull off the minimalistic look without it falling flat? Simple. Just add a little sheen and a lot of that healthy glowing look by using a great highlighter. The dewy finish on your bridal makeup will help keep you looking fresh all day long. It will also give you that radiant glow every bride covets.

Bridal Makeup Ideas for an effortlessly pretty look on your wedding day.

STEER CLEAR OF COMPLEX ‘DOs – The last thing you want on your wedding day is to have to redo your whole hairstyle just because you accidentally pull on one strand by mistake. Make sure to steer clear of any hairstyles and hairdos that are too complex. Braids, curls and waves are all really simple and easy to do and they’re perfect for achieving that romantic look as well.


Not sure what kind of makeup look is perfect for your big day? Check out these 77 gorgeous makeup looks you can recreate!